Friday, July 22, 2011


So, I started Insanity tonight... It was ridiculously hard.  I thought I was going to die just in the fit test.  Even though it was miserable, I am still really excited to see what kind of results I will get in two months.  All the Beach Body DVDs that I have gotten have worked really well, so we shall see!  Art and I have some great plans for October and afterward, so it would be nice to be fitting into some of those older clothes that have been sitting in the back of my closet.  I just can't let go of some things, you know?  Those size 6 jeans that I wore to every party in college are still in there... They will probably never be worn again, but I just can't get rid of them.  I mean, size 6, people.  I am not a tiny person, so for me, that is like a double 0.  Haha.

Lately I have been obsessed with the Kardashians.  Why are their TV shows so addicting.  As I sit here typing this, I am secretly dying to watch the marathon that I recorded today... And, I think I will.  Not that I need sleep or anything.  Art has been gone for quite awhile now, and I am getting really burned out on the whole single mom thing.  I don't know how some people do it every day for years and years.  You have my respect, for sure.

This post was all over the place, but hey, I blogged!  It's a start.

Monday, July 18, 2011

I am:

  • A bad blogger lately
  • Not caring about that fact
  • Happy and Content
  • Full of joy
  • Getting tattooed SOON!
  • Excited about the future, namely October
  • Looking forward to my two year anniversary coming up in the next few weeks.
  • Marveling at how fast my little boy is growing.  He will be six months next week.
  • Still loving documentaries
  • Feeling completely justified and happy about my choice to stop eating meat again.
  • catching up with dear old friends
  • Making new friends
  • Falling more in love with Jesus
  • Becoming more aware of the spiritual world
  • Being more of myself
  • Loving my husband more
  • Laughing more often
  • Getting comfortable with myself

Monday, July 11, 2011

As of Lately:

  • I have been un-inspired (lazy) when it comes to blogging.
  • I have been busy making lots of good baby food for Trae.
  • I have been very convicted about the amount of stuff I use on a daily basis.  I am taking steps to use less stuff.
  • I have been getting very into cleaning with natural cleaners, both on my body and around my house.
  • I have been unpacking and thinking that the boxes just multiply while I am asleep.
  • I have been playing with my big yellow dog.
  • I am truly at a very happy state in my life.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Not too long ago, one of my dearest friends told me that everyday, I should say out loud what I am thankful for.  The list keeps getting longer and longer.  I am so blessed.

I am thankful for:

  • A faithful, hard-working husband
  • A healthy and happy little boy
  • My own health and a body that can get up every day
  • A place to live
  • Art's job that provides money for us to have food, clothes, and money to pay bills
  • A church full of people who love me, want to laugh and cry with me, have fun with me, and aren't afraid to correct me when it's needed
  • Pets that make me smile

There are so many more things.  Seriously, though.  I suggest you all try this.  This all came out of me being really down about Art's job and him always being gone.  Doing this has totally changed my perspective.  God is so good.  He has given me so much.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Hello Pre-Pregnancy Weight!

Today I stepped on the scale to see a number I hadn't seen in over a year.  Holla!  I have lost over 65 pounds since February, and every single second of being hungry and exercising was completely miserable.  Haha.  I won't lie.  So, how did I celebrate?  Nope, I didn't go buy new clothes or anything logical... I ordered my favorite pizza.  That's right... And every bite was wonderful.  So, I'm pretty happy with myself and all that, blah, blah...

Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Few Pictures

Trae has been entertaining himself for longer lately.  I think this is because he really enjoys sitting up.  However, I am not used to having five to ten minutes of free time when he is awake.  So, I have obviously spent this new found time doing very productive things, like putting sunglasses on Moses.

I'm getting this tattooed on my back soon!  I might have to wait until Art gets home so he can keep Trae while I go with my friends, but still... In the next six weeks, I will have this!  Holla!

And, as I mentioned, Trae is sitting up... I love it.  He is getting so big.  Unlike many mothers, I do not miss the newborn stage.  I love how he is growing, and I can't wait until he can talk and walk.  I just love him so much.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time Flies

Has it really been a week since I have updated my blog?  Seriously.  The last week flew by.  Art ended up coming home a week early to get on the correct schedule for work.  I know, that probably makes no sense unless you know someone who works on the water.  Just nod and go on.  While he was home, we furiously unpacked... and there is still a lot left.  However, tonight, I got our room to an almost finished stage.  We need to buy so many home things, like lamps, pictures, etc... All will come with time. I can't wait to get everything unpacked so I can clean in all the corners.  I like it clean.

I have been busy designing my tattoo that I plan on getting here in the next few weeks.  It is going to be really pretty.  I will post pictures when I perfect the font I am going for.

Trae is now sitting up on his own!  The child refuses to roll, but has no problem sitting up for half an hour.  Pictures of that to come too!

A lot of people have told me in the last week that my haircut is a boy cut... Which, honestly, I kind of like.  I enjoy pushing boundaries already, so if I can get away with something different that people aren't already doing, I am happy.

This post was all over the place, as most have been lately.  I am just running around like crazy and have a million thoughts.  I need to remember to stop and breathe.  Easier said than done.

Have a great night, everyone.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hair Cut!
(Feel free to ignore Art in this picture.)

Monday, June 20, 2011

See Ya, Hair.

I have a thing for short hair.  My hair has not been really long since my second year of college.  Actually, I think it has only been really long three times in my life.  It just doesn't work for me.  I love being able to put it up every day, but the problem is... I put it up every single day.  In fact, I haven't worn my hair down in over two months.  So, tomorrow is the day I will return to short hair.  I am getting it colored too.  I can't decide if I should go natural or un-natural.  I was loving that red I did last year.
This is my hair EVERYDAY.  Please excuse the unflattering state of my face.  It also looks like this everyday because Texas makes me sweat off all my makeup.

Here is the red hair.  I am the Mexican looking one, just to clarify... Just kidding, that's my friend Emily. I am on the far right.  Duh.
So, we will see how tomorrow turns out! Oh, also, I haven't forgotten about my blogging series.  I was planning on making a cute little icon for it, but really, I never have time to do anything, so in all honesty, I probably wont.  I'm all about the honesty here.  And honestly, I don't want to go pay bills, but I guess I have to sometime.  Bye,

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hilo Milo and Helloses Moses.

As I mentioned in the list of my last post, I got suckered into getting a new kitty.  His name is Milo.  He is currently enjoying Moses' huge dog bed.
Speaking of Moses, as I also mentioned previously, he is back.  I can only imagine how many annoyed blog posts I will soon be writing about him.

I hope you all had a great weekend.

Friday, June 17, 2011

A List of the Last Week

Hello blogging world!  I miss you!  My parents are visiting this week.  We are doing a lot of unpacking, among other things.  When they leave, I will be back with updates on the house.  For now, here are a few things that sum up this last week.
  • We are moved!  Yay!  We are not unpacked... 
  • My parents brought our dog, Moses, back to us.  (He had been on a long vacation in Oklahoma.)
  • I got suckered into adopting a kitten who had previously been adopted and was then returned to the shelter.  The poor guy was homeless twice.  How could I resist?  His name is Mylo.
  • Trae has discovered his feet.
  • I am still missing Moo.
  • I discovered the goodness that is Panda Express.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


What a freaking awful day.... Really, terrible, to say the least.  We got up early this morning, as usual, because we have a baby, you know.  Then, we took our cat children to the vet to get hair cuts.  Our cats have major freak outs when you get anywhere near them with a razor, so they have to be sedated.  About 2:00, I got the worst call ever.  I saw the vet calling and didn't answer.  I assumed that my cats were ready to be picked up.  As I walked out of Subway, I listened to the message they left me... and had a complete break down.  The message was from our vet, saying that Moo's heart had stopped beating from the anesthesia.  She said that they were putting a breathing tube in him and doing CPR, but I should get there as soon as possible.

A little background.  In 2007, one of my best friends, Levi, found a cat that had a bunch of kittens.  I hated cats and was terrible allergic to them, but I agreed to take a black and white cat because Levi said he had to find a home or he was going to the pound.  Fast forward through four years.  Moo was my best pet friend.  In college, I snuck him into my apartment, where we lived in my one bedroom for a whole year.  He slept next to me every night.  He hid in my closet during room inspections.  He went on car rides with me, because he loved the car.  He made the seven hour ride to Houston with me multiple times, never in a cage, always looking out the window beside me.  He knew I was pregnant before I did, and during my whole pregnancy, he slept at the doorway, staying awake all night, watching to make sure nothing happened.  He always knew when I was lonely.  He hated Art and always made sure to pee on his clothes while missing mine.  After Trae was born and he wasn't able to sleep in our room anymore, he was at the door every morning when I woke up.  I could go on and on.

The vet called Art on our way to the vet to say that they were not able to save Moo.  I still can't wrap my mind around it.  I got up this morning and he was there to greet me.  He begged for food, like always.  I picked him up and took him to the car where he rode in the seat and looked out the window like always... and now he is gone.  No more Moo, ever.  We buried him tonight in Art's parents backyard.


I never imagined that losing a pet could hurt so terribly bad.  Needless to say, I am hurting a lot.  I have spent a lot of time crying today... So has my whole family.  I don't think many people have ever seen me so sad, so it's hard for everyone.  Even the vet cried with me.  He just really meant a lot.  I am going to miss him so much.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We Start Moving Tomorrow!

We have the keys to our house!  I am so excited to move.  Compared to the apartments we have lived in for the last two years, this place is going to be huge.  I have no idea of how we are going to fill up the space.  However, dear reader, you can be looking forward to a new blog series I will start up in a week or so covering the making of our little house.  It will include unpacking, organizing, cleaning, and decorating.  It will definitely be worth your time.  I have some DIY projects in mind that I cannot wait to start.  As for now, our apartment is a disaster, and I am ready to LEAVE!

In other news, Trae FINALLY figured out that the door jumper is actually a toy and not a clever device invented to eat him.

Don't forget, fun blog series starting SOON!  Next weekish.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Unfortunate Fate of My Toe

A little story...

About a week and a half ago, I went to WalMart to pick up some stuff that Art wanted... Beer, of course, along with packing supplies, and a dress that I knew I shouldn't buy, but there were birds on it, so I did.  As I was walking out to my car, talking on my phone and paying no attention to the rest of the world, the shopping cart destroyed my toe.  Imagine the wheel turning, then your toenail catching on it... Bloody mess.  Fast forward to yesterday.  My toenail is now gone and I just have a blank toe... that is very infected.  Because of the stupid shopping cart, I spent three hours at an after hours clinic waiting to get two forms of antibiotics to ensure that my toe would not fall off over the weekend.  I know I am dramatic, but really, ouch.  I would have accompanied this post with pictures, but feet really freak some people out... and my feet are not pretty.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cramming It All In...

Lots of thoughts with no organization...

Trae is napping, so I have a moment of peace.  I should definitely use my free time to pack, but I just feel like being lazy, you know?  Speaking of lazy, Trae napped so well yesterday, and so did I.  Every time he took a nap I did too.  Whatever.  You only live once... might as well sleep all you can.  That's how the saying goes, right?

Well, when I have not been sitting around being lazy, I have been packing.  I am at that point where you aren't sure if there is a lot left or maybe just a little.  Things are just so messy that you cant tell.

Last weekend, two of my dearest friends made a trip to Houston to see me.  Josh and Stephen came down here and we sure did have fun.  We went to Galveston, ate sushi, shopped, and ate lots more food.  Haha.  They made me try a wheat grass shot, and let me just say that I like liquor shots much more than an ounce of squeezed grass.  Who cares if one is better for you than the other.  I didn't want to dance on any tables after the wheat grass shot.  Lame!

I have been making all of Trae's food.  This is really important to me.  I did not get to breastfeed for as long as I wanted to, so I think that making all his food is my way of making it up to myself.  I have no doubt that he is healthy and thriving on formula.  I am in no way a breastfeeding Nazi.  However, I do want him to eat good food.  Today he ate avocado and loved it!  I think we are going to move on from the rice cereal.  It just isn't working for us.  I tested the stuff and don't blame him.  I would spit it all out too.

I have been getting really involved in our church lately.  Today was the women's Bible study, and it was quite enjoyable.  It feels good to be in the presence of people again.  Having a baby is kind of isolating in a way.

We are moving in one week.  Goodbye apartment!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Still packing, friends.  We will be moving in a week.  Until after the move, I will continue to post only occasionally.  Bare with me.  I will be back.

Cat friend!

Trae is starting to eat solids!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brief Update

Hey, guess what?  We are leaving the apartment life behind, FINALLY!  After three apartment moves, endless loud neighbors, mold, leaks, and oh so many more joys, we are going to be moving to a house.  I had previously written about us buying a house.  We did not end up buying.  Instead, we decided to pay off credit cards and other debts and continue renting for awhile longer.  I feel like this was a fantastic plan because I can now proudly say that we are almost debt free.  We still have the unfortunate car bill, hospital bill, and a washer and dryer to pay on, but really, we have come so far in a year!  I am really proud of us.

As soon as Trae wakes up from his nap, we are going to put down the deposit on our new rent house.  I am  really excited about this!  The house is three bedrooms and the garagehas been turned into one big game room.  It has a real washer/dryer room and a real kitchen!  Can you tell that I am happy about that?  What is even better is that all of our neighbors will be old people.  Ah, silence!  

And now for a Trae update.  While Art was home, Trae had his first professional photo shoot.  He was great.  He smiled for every picture!  I was so proud.  Yesterday, he had his 4 month shots.  He didn't like them, but he was pretty good the rest of the day.  Also, he is now sleeping every night from 7pm to 7am.  I know, he is perfect.  Please don't steal him.  Oh, and one more thing... We are starting to try solids!  He hates them.  I can't wait to start making all the fun stuff, though.  We just have to get over the rice cereal first.

Okay, back to packing.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Yes, I have been absent from blogging again, but for good reason.  Art and I have been packing up our apartment so we can get outta here next time he is off work.  I am so excited to finally be in a house.  Other than packing with Art, we also had family pictures done.  There are some cute ones.  I will post as soon as we get the disc.  Well, I will probably not be posting too much in the next week, so don't give up on me.  I will be back as soon as I finish packing!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I found an old journal tonight.  I forgot how terrible my first few years of college were for me.  I spent my first two years at a Baptist college.  Please don't even get me started on religious schools.  I love Jesus... so much.  He has the power to rescue, for sure, but I still would not recommend ANYONE to go to a religious school... This journal I found reminded me of just how hard it was for me to go to a close-minded school being open-minded me.  I was so depressed, hurting, wanting to not even exist anymore.  It hurts me to read it.  It hurts me to remember who I was.  Here is the thing, guys... I didn't die.  I want every one of you to know that no matter what you are going through, rescue is possible.  I AM STILL ALIVE.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today I...

  • Got two pairs of jeans and a skirt for $30 at Forever21
  • Got a book on how to make my own baby food
  • Got six big bottles of Bed Head shampoo for $50
  • Bought Trae some new toys
  • Got flowers and gin from my husband
  • Ate sushi and seaweed salad
Let me elaborate.  Bargains, bargains, bargains!  Forever21 is one of my favorite places to get clothes.  They won't last a lifetime, but they are cheap and fun.  I think everything I wore today was from there.  It is really importnat to me to make my own baby food for Trae.  We haven't started any solids yet, but I know the time is coming, so I thought I better start reading up and getting what I need.  The WalMart salon was having a great deal on Bed Head shampoos.  If you buy one big bottle, you get two big bottles free.  Holla!  One of the toys we got Trae was a little blue dog that shakes and plays music. He got the biggest kick out of it.  I love hearing him laugh.  Art got me some really pretty flowers.  It was really sweet of him to do that.  They are lots of lilies floating in a vase.  It is a very different arrangement from what he has gotten me in the past, and I really love them.  He also bought me a bottle of gin because he knows the way to my heart.  Also, I am about to sit down to eat LOTS of sushi and watch The Big Bang Theory.  I know upon finishing I will feel like I have eaten way too much, but I only eat this much once every three weeks, so I think it's okay to live a little, right?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finally, A Moment To Myself

Alright, so, the last few days with Trae have been a challenge.  He was doing so well sleeping through the night every night, then all of a sudden it's like he is a newborn again.  He is up and inconsolable every three hours.  It. Is. Driving. Me. Crazy.  If you didn't know, I'm really serious when I put a period after every word.  He has also been super cranky and really tired during the day too.  The problem is, he just won't sleep during the day now.  I even gave in and put him in his swing and NOTHING.  Really, I am frustrated and glad beyond belief that Art is coming home soon because I need a Trae break.  I love being a mom always, and I enjoy being with Trae 98% of the time... but the other 2%... I just need some time for me.

I am also super stressed about this week.  Art will be home this week, which is always nice, but there is just so much we need to accomplish in seven days.  We need to find a house to rent, buy a million groceries, see family and friends... I know it doesn't sound like that much.  I am just overwhelmed.  Debbie Downer, Negative Nancy, blah, blah, blah...  On the positive side, Art coming home always means one good thing: take out sushi!  We wait until Trae goes to sleep then order up some sushi... and of course a seaweed salad for me, because YUM.

Trae fell asleep sitting up... while eating.  I told you, the kid has been tired.

Trae has also discovered that his hands are really great because they can hold a bottle.  He still needs a little help, but he'll have it down soon.

In exchange for Trae not letting me sleep and waking me up at 6 every morning, I took two hours to get ready on Saturday while Trae (somewhat) patiently watched.  I feel like it was a fair trade.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Dear Friend Hillory

WARNING: I AM ABOUT TO SHOW YOU SOME OF THE MOST UNFLATTERING PICTURES (OF ME) OF ALL TIME. As for if Hillary thinks she looks good in any of these, I will let her be the judge.

So here is a little background.  I went to a Baptist college in Shawnee, Oklahoma for two years.  It wasn't my thing.  I may or may not have had a little too much liveliness for such a close-minded school, so before my junior year, I left.  Another girl who I had seen but never met also left OBU that year and we ended up at the same school.  BOOMER SOONER!  We were roommates for two wonderful, fun-filled years.  Today is her birthday, and because she is one of my best friends in the world, I am going to take this opportunity to show you just how cool we were.

Really, if I tried to explain half of the things we did, you would think I was a nut (I won't even try to explain or even mention our nicknames for each other)...but humor me.

Hillary and I are vastly different.  Maybe that's why we got along so well.  I am pretty sure we were friends from the first day we lived together.  I mean, I think so... I hope she does too!  Hillary put up with me when I invited male belly dancers into our apartment.  She put up with me for the whole semester that I dated a dirty hippie (Literally, he was dirty.  He smelled.).  She even went clubbing once!  We had so many nights that we stayed up laughing at the most ridiculous things... We had a meeting with our RA because we were just so loud at night.  (One of my favorite memories of all time was the night of my bachelorette party when we decided to go ring our old RAs doorbell and run away (I swear, it's the fastest I have ever run in my life.  I am told differently, though)... then go streaking.  Okay, I was a little (lot) intoxicated.  She even took care of the bump I got on my head after face planting into the top of her car while waving at the banana hammock boys.  Wait, do I sound crazy enough yet?  I promise I'm a responsible person now.)  And, oh, wedding planning was so much fun after midnight. I know, I know... None of this is entertaining to anyone but us, but I just was to get the point across that we had a lot of ridiculous fun.  Did I mention that she was my maid of honor?  Okay, okay, without further a-dew... I promise we took the majority of these before we made any friends...  Obviously.

 I'll start off with a good picture of is to prove that we can be pretty.
 I'm not sure why I am posting this, other than it is just so bad, it makes me laugh every time.
 Really, I'm not sure what we would have done without photobooth.

 This was one of our first nights at OU... And definitely our first photo shoot.

 Hillary was nice enough to never tell me that my haircut looked awful... Even when I thought it would be cool to keep one piece longer than the rest.  She is such a kind soul.  Also, she never judged me for wearing so many necklaces.  I never noticed that till now.  True friend.
 Really, who hasn't wanted to know what you would look like with freckles or a mole?
 The first (and last) time Hillary and I went dancing at da club, yo.
Hey, every photo shoot needs props.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Little Glimpse Into My Day

6:30: Wake up. Try to keep myself awake while entertaining Trae and watching the SNL I recorded.
8:00: Trae's first nap.  I take a nap too.  Sleep, yes...
10:30: Get up. Feed Trae.  Get Trae ready.  Get myself ready.
11:45: Subway time.  My kitchen light burned out, and I won't attempt cooking in the dark... Especially      
           after I spilled hot soup on my foot while attempting that yesterday.
2:00:  Feed Trae again.  Force Trae to take a nap...

... Which brings me to now.  Trae has been asleep IN HIS CRIB for the last hour and a half.  I am amazed.  I have checked on him a million times to make sure he is okay, because this just doesn't ever happen.  Not to mention, he has now slept through the night for three nights in a row!  I want to run and jump and do cartwheels right now.  I am just so thrilled.  Let's hope he keeps this up.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Trae's Dedication

Trae is growing up so quickly.  Just in the last week he has learned SO much.  The main thing he has discovered are his hands.  This kid is smart.  I already have him working on the peace sign, and he is half way there!  Seriously, he is such a joy.

Trae was dedicated at church today.  We had the opportunity to pick out a life verse for him, and we picked this:
A voice of one calling: “In the wilderness prepare the way for the LORD; make straight in the desert a highway for our God. Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low; the rough ground shall become level, the rugged places a plain. And the glory of the LORD will be revealed, and all people will see it together. For the mouth of the LORD has spoken.” – Isaiah 40:3-5

We picked this passage for a few reasons.  Mainly because when I was pregnant, this verse appeared EVERYWHERE.  Seriously, before Trae, I had heard this verse a few times in Bible classes in high school, but I hadn't given it much thought.  Then, bam, it's everywhere.  I read a book that repeated this verse over and over.  I had a dream about this verse.  It would pop into my head randomly all the time.  And honestly, this is what I want for Trae.  I want him to go into desolate places and to meet lost people and stand strong while preparing the way for the Lord.

Oh, and yeah, it's Mother's Day.  On this day, I always think about what makes a mother.  I know one thing that does not make a mother.  Pushing a baby out does not make you a mother.  Caring for a child, loving a child, and nurturing a child make you a mother.  So, regardless of whether or not you have given birth, Happy Mother's Day.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Just Some Thoughts...

Hi, friends.  I feel like I have been a little MIA for the last week.  Honestly, I have been completely uninspired when it comes to blogging.  I have been spending a lot of time with Trae, as I should.  When he is sleeping, I have been getting my nerd on by watching documentaries on Netflix instead of blogging.

Today, I watched Babies.  Wow.  Fascinating, really.  Here is what I got from the film.  In America, we are so privileged with so many unnecessary things.  Let me give some background for those who haven't seen it.  The documentary follows four babies throughout their first year of life.  There are no words to the documentary, just film showing how they are developing.  I really didn't pay too much attention to the specific places where these babies were born.  Only one of these babies was born in the US.  The others were born in... I want to say Africa, Japan, and Mongolia.  I think I got that right.  I just couldn't help noticing how different the US birth was than the others.  The baby was born in the hospital.  It was shown being connected to IVs right after birth.  I guess that was the main thing that got me.  I just think it is so unnecessary.  The baby in Africa was born in a village where it grew up naked and rode around on his mother's back while she went about her daily work.  It developed just the same as the US baby.  In fact all of them developed just fine.  We really pamper babies here.  Please don't take that the wrong way.  I am so thankful that we have the technology to do so, but I wonder how much is really necessary.    I LOVED my epidural, but birth would have happened fine (but very painfully) without it.  I'm glad that the hospital was able to monitor Trae, but I think he would have turned out fine without all the heel pricks and newborn checks and what not.  Just thoughts there.  Great documentary.  If you like that kind of stuff, please watch.

In other news, my little Trae is a little bit sick today.  He had his first fever.  Poor guy.  He didn't let it get him down though.  Other than being a little more tired than usual, he was fine.  Of course, I am a worried mama.  I have never had a sick baby before.  It makes it hard having Art gone and trying to figure out if he is okay.  What if he isn't okay and I am here by myself?  I think that is where a mother's instincts come in.  Going back to what I said earlier about the movie, in the US, we are able to take classes before we have a baby and we prepare ourselves by reading up on anything and everything.  I know I did.  But really, I think all women are born with a motherly instinct.  I'm sure without my Google searches today, I would have still known when to worry about a fever.  The way we are made is amazing, you guys.  God did some great thinking when he created humans.  I believe we have far more instincts than we will ever realize because we let technology take care of everything.

And finally, I opened up the mail today to find a Mother's Day gift for me, from Art...
What a great guy.  I have been given strict orders not to wear it until Mother's Day, but until then, I have had a good time looking at it.  How did he know something like this would suit me so well?  Oh, I may or may not email him links of things I find that I love.  I just let his conscious lead him when it comes to what I deserve.  Haha.  I think he did good.  This necklace is handmade and can be found here.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Shopping Results

I bought a few new things yesterday... Like: This little dress from Forever 21, necklace and earrings from Forever 21, and a cardigan from Antropologie.
 Oh, and these fun glasses.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Things Done Today:

Today I...

Went to church.  I wasn't brave enough to leave Trae in the nursery, but his time is coming.  He just wont sit still during church anymore.  The child likes to move.  Therefore, church for me was spent standing in the back swaying back and forth with Trae who just wanted to move and stare at the Exit sign.

Had lunch with our house church.  Appropriately, the sermon today was about community, so it was fantastic to spend some quality time with some great people.

Went shopping... By myself.  This hardly ever happens, but I have to say, it was really nice.  I spent a good hour in Forever 21 and picked out about a million accessories, as usual.  However, in the end, I put back everything but a necklace, a pair or earrings, two pairs of glasses... and okay, two shirts.  THEN, I went to Victoria's Secret and Antropologie... and I got to buy things at both!  Thank you, gift cards!  I will post pictures of my finds tomorrow.

Ate at Taco Bueno... also by myself.  They have some great new healthier menu choices that I am enjoying... Like the BC Tostella.  They may have had these things on the menu for a long time, but I am far behind in the fast food world.

And because I promised, here is a picture of Trae from this afternoon.  While I think my glasses are awesome, he obviously does not.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oh, hi. It's been awhile.

Hi, friends!  It has been almost a week break from blogging for me.  I would be lying if I said I had thought of it once.  My husband is home, and we have been busy.  Imagine trying to fit a months worth of activities into one week.  That's what we try to do.  Since he is gone so much, we try to do as much fun stuff together as we can while he is home.  This time, we have had a nice take-out, stay-at-home date consisting of a ridiculous amount of sushi.  We have taken Trae out to lunch with some friends.  We went to the pet store a few times, of course, and we have been looking for a new house to live in when our lease is up in this apartment.  Other than that, we have watched lots of Netflix while Trae sleeps... and we may have enjoyed some wine... and beer... and liquor.  Never too much at one time, of course :)  I have come to figure out that being old means that I definitely can't try to be as cool (or so I thought) as I was in college... which is code for no more than two or three drinks for me, or I pay for it the next day.

I have been getting addicted to documentaries on Netflix lately.  I am kind of (a lot of) a nerd, so when you put an unlimited amount of documentaries in front of me, I have to watch.  I may have graduated from college, but really, I love to learn.  I miss school a lot.  Maybe one day when Trae is in school, I will go back and get a few more useless degrees... Let's face it, sociology can't really be used unless you want to go to grad school... And honestly, I would love to.  Before I was pregnant with Trae, I was going back to school for addiction counseling.  Maybe I can finish that up too.

Well, what else do I need to update on?  I took a nap today for the first time in forever.  That sure felt good.  Art got his birthday/Christmas present... finally!  It's a guitar.  He could tell you all about it, but really it's just a shiny new guitar to me.  Moxy had to go to the vet and cost us a butt-load of money.  In the end, we paid a lot of money to get some eye drops and be told that 15 pounds makes him overweight, even though he is down from his previous 17 pound monster weight.  Trae is fantastic and laughs all the time.  I got a great video of it tonight, until he spit up his existence in the middle of my recording.  It's been a good week.  I wish it didn't have to end.

Art has gone to jam with his dad, who also has a shiny new guitar.  Therefore, I am going to spend my night watching Netflix documentaries, cuddled on the couch with my little cat-child, Moo.  Tomorrow is church, and if I get REALLY brave, I might leave Trae in the nursery for the first time, but I doubt I can let go for that long.  Have a wonderful night.  Pictures next time, promise.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter, Y'all!

What a wonderful day to remember that Jesus has risen and is alive with love overflowing for each and every one of us!

I know I haven't been super consistent with blogging in the last few days.  I can't promise that this next week will be any better.  Art will actually be home, so I will be spending some quality time with my little family.  I will be back soon, though!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Music and Memories

Do you guys have any specific music that takes you back to a certain time in your life?  Almost all my music is like that.  THis is probably because I have a terrible habit of listening to one album for months at a time.  Here are a few examples:

Mika, Life in Cartoon Motion:  This album takes me back to a really, really different time in my life.  The point where I was living the college life... Lots and lots of partying and everything that goes along with it.  Ever time I listen to these songs, I have vivid memories of dancing on tables.  Haha.  Yeah, I was one of those.

The Killers, Hot Fuss:  When I listen to this album, all I think of is sitting on the back porch at the house I lived in at the time.  It had a fantastic back porch, and some of my greatest memories are sitting back there listening to The Killers, painting, and smoking cloves.

The Postal Service, Give Up:  I went to a small Baptist college in Shawnee Oklahoma for my first two years of college.  I was so, so, so depressed going there.  It just wasn't me.  Don't even get me started on what I think of private, church-affiliated colleges.  I spent a lot of time just driving around aimlessly, listening to this CD.  I loved getting lost on my long drives and always hoped I would end up somewhere other than Shawnee.  So, every time I listen to this album, I think of long, long drives and lots of sadness.

And for a REALLY way back in time pick- Reel Big Fish, Cheer Up:  In high school, I loved punk rock and ska.  The high school me makes me laugh a lot.  I was so care-free.  I still listen to this CD, and it still makes me smile.  Sometimes some really old, cheery music is just refreshing, you know?

Music is powerful...  I'm not sure what I would do without it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Guess Who is Taking a Nap IN HIS CRIB?

This little guy is taking a nap in his crib.  You have no idea what a huge deal this is.  Success!

And this is what I am doing... Laying in bed, enjoying the few moments of peace I get in a day.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top Two Tuesday

Top Two Things I Collect:

1. Owls.  I love vintage-looking owls... Or just owl things in general.  Here are a few members of the little owl family that I pulled from around our home.

2. Shoes.  I would take a picture, but they are spread out over three rooms.  Really, I have a ridiculous amount of them.  What is even more ridiculous is that I wear about three pairs.  I need to downsize, but I just can't stand to give them away.  I mean, what if I suddenly decide that wearing stilettos every day is a good idea?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Trae Needs To Sleep!

You know, the past few days I have not been blogging as much.  Why?  Oh, just because all of a sudden, my child decided that he doesn't need to sleep during the day... EVER.  No naps for Trae.  I am tired and our little home is a complete disaster.  Starting tomorrow, Trae and I are going to work on a new nap time routine.  To say that I am dreading it is an understatement.  Until now, Trae has napped in his swing.  Now that he is getting bigger, it is time for him to start sleeping in his crib for naps.  However, he hates his crib.  I anticipate many tears.  I promise my posting will get more consistent again sometime this week!  Until then, if you have any magical napping advice, please send it my way!

Oh, and I need to finish the 30 Day Photo Challenge!
Day 18 - A picture of your biggest insecurity.
Umm... Okay, I have no full body shots since having Trae, and I only have like three from when I was pregnant because I so cleverly avoided the camera.  My whole body is my biggest insecurity right now.  Pregnancy was not nice to me.  Actually, let me re-phrase that.  I was not nice to myself during pregnancy.  And let me re-phrase that AGAIN.  I was too nice to myself during pregnancy, which in turn wasn't that nice.  Make sense?  I ate whatever I wanted and kind of stopped working out and became pretty sadly lazy.  Now that Trae isn't in there anymore, I look at myself and think, oops!  Haha.  Hence why I am now not eating much and working out nightly.  It sucks, but I have got to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight or I am never going to feel good about myself again!  So, because this is, in fact, a photo challenge, here is one of the few semi-recent photos I can find of my whole body.  I am 39 weeks pregnant here... and huge!  Oh, by the way, 50 pounds of this are already gone.  Yeah, I did say I gained a lot!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Things I Want...

You know, I am incredibly blessed.  I really don't need anything, but every now and then, I find things that I just kind of want.

1. A Moby carrier.  We have a Bjorn, but I am kind of over it.  Art really likes it, but it is just starting to hurt my shoulders.  I have heard great things about Moby... particularly that it is better for moms while the Bjorn is better for dads.  Actually, I just won one on ebay for cheap, so I guess I will have one soon.  Holla!

2.  A new car seat.  We have a Graco carrier/base combo, which was fantastic...until Trae weighed 14 pounds.  Okay, I am weak, you guys.  It is hard for me to carry that thing up and down the stairs.  Since Trae will be sitting up on his own in the next few months, it wont be so hard to put him in a stroller/shopping cart/etc... I am just ready to be done with this carrier business.

Side note:  Isn't it funny that when you are a mom, things like car seats and baby carriers are exciting to you?

3.  A new pair of jeans.  I got some jeans on sale at Old Navy a few weeks ago, but they are already too big.  I realize that this is a fantastic problem to have, but I need some jeans that don't fall off of me.  However, it is hard for me to justify buying them since I know they will only fit for about two weeks.  I looked at Goodwill today, but nothing besides light wash ugly stuff... I'm not a big fan of light wash jeans.

4.  A coffee pot.  Still haven't found a new one.  Blast.  I need my caffeine!  Who knew they were so easy to break?!

Other than being bratty and wanting things, today Trae and I went to Chipotle and sat outside.  I jut knew that I would only get about two bites of food before he decided he was over it, but he sat there watching the cars drive by while I ate my WHOLE meal!  That is so rare!  I never get to eat a whole meal... AND, he has taken two naps today.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cell Phone Pictures

Guess who still can't remember to bring the actual camera anywhere?  Yep, me.  However, I have my trusty phone, so here are a few pictures from today.

I was looking like a dirty hippie today.  Just no time to take a shower.  Oh well.

But, Trae was looking great.

And we look pretty cute together.

As usual, Moxy is obsessed with Trae

I think it is the fish on this mat that entice him.

In other news, we have new upstairs neighbors and I already want to shoot myself.  I was THRILLED when the old neighbors moved out.  They had one little kid who ran around the apartment all night.  Hey, if any of you are building apartments, don't put wood floors in them!  Anyhow, I was seriously that neighbor who called to complain every night.  I mean, the kid woke my baby up EVERY night.  Do you blame me?  And who moves in today?  Not one, but two little kids.  UGH.  I am pretty annoyed already.  Unless these children actually go to bed at a decent hour, the apartment better prepare for some calls.  I know, I know... I am a grumpy old lady, but you try to put a baby to sleep only to have him woken up thirty minutes later, then have to do it all over again.  Not cool.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Result of Sephora Free Shipping

A few weeks ago, my friend Kimber informed me that Sephora was having a free shipping day.  This was perfect because first, I love make up far too much.  Second, I had a gift card I had been itching to spend, but because I had been staying home with Trae so much, I just hadn't made it to the actual store.  Here's what  bought:
Urban Decay's Ink for Eyes
My first time to use this stuff was this morning, and I am already loving it.  I usually use Urban Decay's Liquid Liner.  I like liquid liner, but I have issues with it looking a little too intense for some occasions.  This stuff is perfect because it is still bold and black, but it can look a lot softer.  Make sense?

Tarte Lip Stain
I'm also loving this lip stain.  I love Tarte cosmetics in general.  I have used their cheek stain for years.  This stuff is great.  I put it on this morning, and I can still see some color.  Also, unlike every other lip stain I have, this one actually makes your lips feel moisturized.  

So, I have seen a few "What's In My Makeup Bag?" posts, and I thought they were fun, so here is the rest of what I use on a daily basis...
6.  Eyeshadow - I have lots to choose from :)
8.  Mascara - Also, I'm a little obsessed with mascaras, and I buy all kinds of brands.  One of my favorites is Maybelline's Falsies Mascara.

It sounds like a lot, but I promise I can put it all on in about five minutes.  Yes, I love makeup.  And, because I also love my little boy, please laugh at this picture with me.  My friend, Laura, took this when she can to visit me last month.  She caught Trae at the perfect moment to give us all a good laugh.
Lookin' crazy.