Saturday, April 16, 2011

Things I Want...

You know, I am incredibly blessed.  I really don't need anything, but every now and then, I find things that I just kind of want.

1. A Moby carrier.  We have a Bjorn, but I am kind of over it.  Art really likes it, but it is just starting to hurt my shoulders.  I have heard great things about Moby... particularly that it is better for moms while the Bjorn is better for dads.  Actually, I just won one on ebay for cheap, so I guess I will have one soon.  Holla!

2.  A new car seat.  We have a Graco carrier/base combo, which was fantastic...until Trae weighed 14 pounds.  Okay, I am weak, you guys.  It is hard for me to carry that thing up and down the stairs.  Since Trae will be sitting up on his own in the next few months, it wont be so hard to put him in a stroller/shopping cart/etc... I am just ready to be done with this carrier business.

Side note:  Isn't it funny that when you are a mom, things like car seats and baby carriers are exciting to you?

3.  A new pair of jeans.  I got some jeans on sale at Old Navy a few weeks ago, but they are already too big.  I realize that this is a fantastic problem to have, but I need some jeans that don't fall off of me.  However, it is hard for me to justify buying them since I know they will only fit for about two weeks.  I looked at Goodwill today, but nothing besides light wash ugly stuff... I'm not a big fan of light wash jeans.

4.  A coffee pot.  Still haven't found a new one.  Blast.  I need my caffeine!  Who knew they were so easy to break?!

Other than being bratty and wanting things, today Trae and I went to Chipotle and sat outside.  I jut knew that I would only get about two bites of food before he decided he was over it, but he sat there watching the cars drive by while I ate my WHOLE meal!  That is so rare!  I never get to eat a whole meal... AND, he has taken two naps today.

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