Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Result of Sephora Free Shipping

A few weeks ago, my friend Kimber informed me that Sephora was having a free shipping day.  This was perfect because first, I love make up far too much.  Second, I had a gift card I had been itching to spend, but because I had been staying home with Trae so much, I just hadn't made it to the actual store.  Here's what  bought:
Urban Decay's Ink for Eyes
My first time to use this stuff was this morning, and I am already loving it.  I usually use Urban Decay's Liquid Liner.  I like liquid liner, but I have issues with it looking a little too intense for some occasions.  This stuff is perfect because it is still bold and black, but it can look a lot softer.  Make sense?

Tarte Lip Stain
I'm also loving this lip stain.  I love Tarte cosmetics in general.  I have used their cheek stain for years.  This stuff is great.  I put it on this morning, and I can still see some color.  Also, unlike every other lip stain I have, this one actually makes your lips feel moisturized.  

So, I have seen a few "What's In My Makeup Bag?" posts, and I thought they were fun, so here is the rest of what I use on a daily basis...
6.  Eyeshadow - I have lots to choose from :)
8.  Mascara - Also, I'm a little obsessed with mascaras, and I buy all kinds of brands.  One of my favorites is Maybelline's Falsies Mascara.

It sounds like a lot, but I promise I can put it all on in about five minutes.  Yes, I love makeup.  And, because I also love my little boy, please laugh at this picture with me.  My friend, Laura, took this when she can to visit me last month.  She caught Trae at the perfect moment to give us all a good laugh.
Lookin' crazy.


  1. Ha! He's still a cutie when he's "lookin' crazy"!

  2. I feel so honored. I need to send you more free shipping codes so I can get more mentions:)