Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time Flies

Has it really been a week since I have updated my blog?  Seriously.  The last week flew by.  Art ended up coming home a week early to get on the correct schedule for work.  I know, that probably makes no sense unless you know someone who works on the water.  Just nod and go on.  While he was home, we furiously unpacked... and there is still a lot left.  However, tonight, I got our room to an almost finished stage.  We need to buy so many home things, like lamps, pictures, etc... All will come with time. I can't wait to get everything unpacked so I can clean in all the corners.  I like it clean.

I have been busy designing my tattoo that I plan on getting here in the next few weeks.  It is going to be really pretty.  I will post pictures when I perfect the font I am going for.

Trae is now sitting up on his own!  The child refuses to roll, but has no problem sitting up for half an hour.  Pictures of that to come too!

A lot of people have told me in the last week that my haircut is a boy cut... Which, honestly, I kind of like.  I enjoy pushing boundaries already, so if I can get away with something different that people aren't already doing, I am happy.

This post was all over the place, as most have been lately.  I am just running around like crazy and have a million thoughts.  I need to remember to stop and breathe.  Easier said than done.

Have a great night, everyone.

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