Friday, April 15, 2011

Cell Phone Pictures

Guess who still can't remember to bring the actual camera anywhere?  Yep, me.  However, I have my trusty phone, so here are a few pictures from today.

I was looking like a dirty hippie today.  Just no time to take a shower.  Oh well.

But, Trae was looking great.

And we look pretty cute together.

As usual, Moxy is obsessed with Trae

I think it is the fish on this mat that entice him.

In other news, we have new upstairs neighbors and I already want to shoot myself.  I was THRILLED when the old neighbors moved out.  They had one little kid who ran around the apartment all night.  Hey, if any of you are building apartments, don't put wood floors in them!  Anyhow, I was seriously that neighbor who called to complain every night.  I mean, the kid woke my baby up EVERY night.  Do you blame me?  And who moves in today?  Not one, but two little kids.  UGH.  I am pretty annoyed already.  Unless these children actually go to bed at a decent hour, the apartment better prepare for some calls.  I know, I know... I am a grumpy old lady, but you try to put a baby to sleep only to have him woken up thirty minutes later, then have to do it all over again.  Not cool.

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