Sunday, May 1, 2011

Things Done Today:

Today I...

Went to church.  I wasn't brave enough to leave Trae in the nursery, but his time is coming.  He just wont sit still during church anymore.  The child likes to move.  Therefore, church for me was spent standing in the back swaying back and forth with Trae who just wanted to move and stare at the Exit sign.

Had lunch with our house church.  Appropriately, the sermon today was about community, so it was fantastic to spend some quality time with some great people.

Went shopping... By myself.  This hardly ever happens, but I have to say, it was really nice.  I spent a good hour in Forever 21 and picked out about a million accessories, as usual.  However, in the end, I put back everything but a necklace, a pair or earrings, two pairs of glasses... and okay, two shirts.  THEN, I went to Victoria's Secret and Antropologie... and I got to buy things at both!  Thank you, gift cards!  I will post pictures of my finds tomorrow.

Ate at Taco Bueno... also by myself.  They have some great new healthier menu choices that I am enjoying... Like the BC Tostella.  They may have had these things on the menu for a long time, but I am far behind in the fast food world.

And because I promised, here is a picture of Trae from this afternoon.  While I think my glasses are awesome, he obviously does not.

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