Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today I...

  • Got two pairs of jeans and a skirt for $30 at Forever21
  • Got a book on how to make my own baby food
  • Got six big bottles of Bed Head shampoo for $50
  • Bought Trae some new toys
  • Got flowers and gin from my husband
  • Ate sushi and seaweed salad
Let me elaborate.  Bargains, bargains, bargains!  Forever21 is one of my favorite places to get clothes.  They won't last a lifetime, but they are cheap and fun.  I think everything I wore today was from there.  It is really importnat to me to make my own baby food for Trae.  We haven't started any solids yet, but I know the time is coming, so I thought I better start reading up and getting what I need.  The WalMart salon was having a great deal on Bed Head shampoos.  If you buy one big bottle, you get two big bottles free.  Holla!  One of the toys we got Trae was a little blue dog that shakes and plays music. He got the biggest kick out of it.  I love hearing him laugh.  Art got me some really pretty flowers.  It was really sweet of him to do that.  They are lots of lilies floating in a vase.  It is a very different arrangement from what he has gotten me in the past, and I really love them.  He also bought me a bottle of gin because he knows the way to my heart.  Also, I am about to sit down to eat LOTS of sushi and watch The Big Bang Theory.  I know upon finishing I will feel like I have eaten way too much, but I only eat this much once every three weeks, so I think it's okay to live a little, right?

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