Thursday, March 17, 2011

What We Did

Hello, hello. Yesterday was a much needed date day for Art and I. Since my parents were in town, we were able to go to Kemah, TX for the day. They have a board walk there, which is where we spent our time. They have a little amusement park there with my very favorite huge swinging ship ride. I am sure there is a more technical name for this, but here it is...
Art is terrified of heights, or as he says, he is afraid of falling from heights, so him riding this with me was awesome. I love these rides! I also convinced him to go on the ferris wheel, where I paid him back for always trying to scare me by shaking our little gondola non-stop. Yes, I am mean.

Since Kemah is so close to the ocean, it had lots of sea food. We took that opportunity to indulge in some of our favorites. They had an Aquarium restaurant there. We love this restaurant, because if you know Art and I, we love fish aquariums. We have two huge aquariums in our apartment. This place has huge salt water aquariums throughout the restaurant. We aren't crazy about their food, so we went there for incredibly over-priced drinks.
After that, we had one of our favorite meals, sushi! I have seriously eaten SO MUCH sushi in the last few days. I could probably comfortably live off of sushi for a few weeks before ever getting tired of it.

After we left Kemah, we made a few more stops before returning home to be parents. One stop we made was at Goodwill. I found this little gem while we were there:
I love vintage-looking owls. I have quite a collection. Most of them came from Goodwill. This one fits into my collection quite perfectly.

Our final stop was Petco. Our cats have been slightly bored since Trae was born, which has led to them destroying our sofas. Art loves those cat towers... I don't so much, but we bought one anyway. Moxy and Moo are now happy kitties with a new place to sleep and scratch on.
I think I am doing better at picture taking, eh? And finally, a final photo with the 3o Day Photo Challenge, which is easily turning into a 60 challenge for me.

Day 07 - A picture of your most treasured item.
I promise you, I am very tempted to put a picture of my child here, but I guess item means something not living and breathing. I really, really love my wedding ring. I lusted after this thing ever since I knew Art was the person I was going to marry. When it came time to actually get engaged, Art made me think there was no way I would get this one. He came up with multiple stories of how it was discontinued and made me pick a different ring, only to completely surprise me with this one. It now has a band of baguettes that goes under it too. Baguette diamonds are my absolute favorite. So, this is probably my most treasured non-living/breathing item.

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