Thursday, March 3, 2011

Life is Funny

Oh, wow. I have gotten SO much accomplished today... and by so many things, I mean maybe three, but that is really saying something. To make things even better, Trae slept until 9 (YES, 9!!!) this morning, then has spent almost all day. I guess he is exhausted from staying up ALL day for the last three days. Let me tell you, when you have been getting up at 7 for weeks, 9 feels like I slept the day away. It. Was. Awesome.

Life has a way of being ridiculous to me. Really, the most absurd things happen to me on almost a daily basis. Today, maintenance came to paint our window sills because they had molded from the wonderful Houston hot/cold/hotter/colder weather. (Life also has a way of throwing me into any situation that could involve mold in apartments, but that is another story.) Just as he stepped out the door, my lovely cat, Moo, decided to jump right on top of the window sill. He has NEVER jumped on a window sill at this apartment before. Why he chose today is beyond me. Of course, this led to Moo getting paint all over his paws and me yelling his name which scared him and made him run all through the apartment with me chasing him... The whole time, Trae was strapped to be in the Bjorne (a total life saver if you have a baby that just wants to be held all the time. It's the only way I get anything done.) The next ten minutes were spent chasing my painty cat, wiping up painty paw prints, with Trae stuck to me. Ha. Sometimes all you can do is laugh at life.

When I told my friend about this he reminded me of a few other times lately that I have had one of "those days." Ironically, both also involving the cats. For those of you who have no entertainment in your life, get a cat. We cap our cat's nails in an attempt to keep them from scratching our furniture. It does not work at all, but we still do it... I guess to make it feel like we have done something to prevent it. The caps are slipped over the nail with a little bit of super glue on the inside. For those of you who know me, you will know that I need to PERMANENTLY stay away from super glue. I have the worst things happen to me with it. (I once superglued my hand to the counter and my foot to the floor at the same time. It is just a really bad thing for me to be around.) Anyhow, as I was getting ready to put the caps on the cats, I noticed that the top of the super glue bottle had dried and was stuck shut. Well, no problem because I could screw off the other end. The problem: My brain did not think this one though and I opened it upside down, dumping the whole bottle of super glue onto my left hand and coating my beautiful wedding ring. My first reaction was to grap the sink handle and turn it on... Yep, I got stuck to it. Once I got my hand free, I tried to wash my ring for the next hour while crying to my husband on the phone about how it would never sparkle again. After a few trips to the jeweler, my ring does sparkle again, but there is still super glue on the sink.

As frustrating as these occurrences are, they make me laugh at life... and that makes everything alright.

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