Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trae's Doctor Appointment

So, last week, Trae had one day where he just sneezed all day. You might remember me saying that I thought he was getting a cold. Well, here, a week later, he is still sneezy, so we went to the doctor, where she confirmed that he indeed did have a cold. That's not too exciting. What is exciting is that my little boy weighs 13 pounds now! Holy moly. He went from 6 pounds, down to 5 when we left the hospital, and now at 9 weeks, he weighs 13. Not to shabby. The kid likes to eat.

I feel like I have just completely fallen in love with him over the last two weeks. I have always loved him, but I didn't really feel that strong connection until recently. He now looks at me and smiles and it just melts my heart. I may or may not have baby fever and want another already... Yeah, I may. I'm crazy.

Oh, hey... I'm getting my IUD Friday. Holla. TMI? I am super excited because I will no longer have to remember to take birth control everyday... and for those of you who know about how Trae got here, you know that I really suck at taking birth control anyway. Haha. Yes, he was not planned, and while I say I want another baby already, I definitely know I just can't handle another one for a few years.

I promise I will get back on track with my pictures soon... I just had a minute to type this. I gotta run and clean, clean, clean.

Off to clean.

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