Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Week of Normalcy

Art is home!!! The weeks that he is here, it feels like my life is almost normal. I love it.

On the agenda for this week:

  • Go to pet stores with Trae. Seriously, we do stuff like this in our free time. Art and I love going to pet stores. We love animals. We would buy them all if we had the money and if I was willing to clean up after all of them. We already have two cats, a dog, two huge fish aquariums, and my trusty beta, Zim. We want Trae to love animals too. We plan on getting him his own fish aquarium for his room at our new house, so he can pick out his own fish when he gets big enough to understand.
  • Watch movies. Hello, Netflix! For Valentines Day, I finally signed Art up for Netflix. He had been wanting a subscription forever, but we had just been putting it off because we have a hard time justifying adding any other monthly payments to our lives. Believe me... Maybe sometime I will talk about the over $5,000 of hospital bills we have to pay. Oh, goodness, life. However, we now have that subscription and we are enjoying watching movies anytime we want.
  • See old friends. Art's friend Phil is coming over for dinner this week. This is pretty exciting stuff because we never get to see people our age. Phil was in our wedding, and I have actually only met him that one time, but I am looking forward to opening up our little home and having company over.
Sorry if the posts are a little more sparse until Art goes back to work. It is not often that I get to see my husband. Wah wah.

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