Monday, February 21, 2011

So Blessed

Seriously, guys, I just can't believe that Art and I have been blessed with such a perfect child. He is beautiful (Art would rather me say handsome, though). He is healthy. He is such a picture of the blessings of God.

Call me skeptical, but my whole pregnancy, I just kept thinking that something was going to go wrong. These thoughts stemmed from unknowingly living in a home filled with mold for the first (very important) months of pregnancy, several asthma problems (caused by that wonderful moldy home), frequent trips to the hospital for asthma attacks, and the millions of allergy/asthma medicines I was on daily.

Art got the video camera out right after Trae was born. As he filmed Trae laying on top of me, he captured me counting all his fingers and toes. They were all there! The child was one hundred percent perfect. What a blessing! I still can't believe it. God is so good. I am still just so in awe of how a baby develops from just two cells. It is so miraculous. It baffles me that anyone could look at a baby and not believe in God.

I seriously could spend hours just looking at this child thinking he is the greatest thing in the world. I'm such a proud mom, okay...

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