Friday, February 18, 2011

Sounds Like Life

I consider myself to be somewhat of a music snob... This meaning, that generally, I am going to think your taste in music is less superior to mine, unless you listen to the same music I do. This being said, I am NOT a country listener, at all... except for this one song. (Can I please also take this opportunity to say that I do not like Taylor Swift. Not now, not ever.) Anyhow, shortly after Art and I got married, I heard this song while at my nanny job (I have had some random jobs. Nannying is not my forte.) It's not the actual music in this song I enjoy, but rather the lyrics. This is my suck-it-up song. I have some really random things happen to me. For instance, a few months ago, we were forced to move out of the apartment we were living in because we found mold. We moved into a brand new apartment and within three days, the toilet broke three times, the third time of which, sewage flooded our bathroom. Then the dog got sick and pooped all over the whole apartment. Then, my car battery died in the WalMart parking lot in 100 degree weather, while I was five months pregnant (which also melted the Twix bar I bought for myself. I am obviously scarred.). Things like this always tend to happen when Art is gone. Nothing would ever dare to go wrong when my husband is actually home to take care of it. Anyway, back to the song... It reminds me that life is just like that. It's unpredictable and sometimes it just sucks, but that doesn't mean you have an excuse to feel sorry for yourself.

Now, from what I can tell, the day is beautiful, and I am dying to try out the Bjorne carrier we have for Trae, so I think it is time to go for a walk.

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