Sunday, January 2, 2011

Things I Like.

Happy New Year to everyone! I thought last year was filled with a lot of firsts, but this year will probably be filled with even more. How exciting. I can't wait for what this year is going to bring. I hope all of you had fun New Years Eve celebrations. As I mentioned in the last post, Art was not home for New Years, so I did not do much. I did, however, go to see Black Swan. I had heard so many great things about it, so I was so excited to finally go see it. It was good, but I wasn't blown away like some people were. I guess I went in expecting the ending, so everything happening in the movie wasn't a huge shock to me. That being said, it was still enjoyable and I am glad I saw it.

I am trying to decide the direction of this blog. Obviously, I made it to write about my life now that there will be a little baby in the picture. I plan to use this blog as a replacement for facebook. Let's face it, facebook is getting pretty lame. It's fun when you are in college, but once you get out and realize there is more to life than party pictures and wall posts, it gets boring. Other than that, I would like to use it to post about things I generally enjoy doing. Three things come to mind. I love playing with make up; I love baking; and, I love cleaning. I never said my life was exciting...

So, first, a little skin care tip for you: vitamin E oil. It is a miracle worker. I promise. It will help get rid of redness on the skin, ease irritation, and it helps the skin stretch. I threw in the stretching part because I am ridiculous, but I was thinking that maybe if it helps skin elasticity, it may prevent wrinkles in the long run? I don't know but using it for that can't harm anything, so I mixed some in with my nightly face lotion and we will see if it helps with any wrinkling ten years down the road. Haha. What made me love vitamin E oil was that I have had a really weird itchy rash on the said of my face for a few years. I have been to a few dermatologists and have had multiple medical creams for it and nothing has worked. Since I started using vitamin E oil, it has almost completely disappeared. Every now and then it will come back for a few days, but compared to how it used to be, it is a ton better.

Second, I said I love baking. I am surprisingly good at it, considering I am the champion at burning anything I cook. I plan to share some of my favorite recipes in the future.

Last, I am interested in getting into more organic cleaning. If anyone has tips, let me know. Recently, I have learned that vinegar is an excellent household cleaner. I don't necessarily want to get into organic cleaning because it is good for the environment. I drive an unnecessarily large SUV... I don't recycle... Honestly, I think "going green" is just a stupid trend. I love the earth, but I just haven't gotten caught up in all the things some people do. Sorry if that is offensive, but I really don't care. I am interested in finding more organic cleaning methods, because for two reasons. First, I believe in the long run, it is cheaper. I am all about saving money. Second, I have terrible asthma. The smell of all the chemicals in cleaners does absolutely nothing to help it. However, as I type this, my house smells like all kinds of chemical cleaners. Haha. Hey, I just discovered the vinegar trick. I have to start somewhere.

Well, that was long. Hopefully in the future, my posts will be somewhat more exciting.

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