Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I guess it's time to start blogging... At least that's what my husband tells me. I need something to call a "hobby." I have been blessed to be (f)unemployed for the last six months. I like to say I am retired, but I guess soon, I will say I am a "stay at home mom." This little blog will be about my little family. I am married to a wonderful man who I met on my very first day of college. We have been married for over a year, which is crazy. I never thought I would be where I am right now.

Our life is about to change... a lot. In about a month, we will have a baby. I can't wait... I think. I looked at our little countdown today and it said there were 33 days left. That is more than overwhelming to me. I am so far from having things ready. I love to plan. I love lists. I love to have things done weeks before hand. However, for some reason, I have nothing done for the baby. I am absolutely so excited for him to be here, but I think I am in a little bit of denial. His room is a disaster. The clothes are not washed or hung up. I have no thoughts of packing a bag before hand. For some reason, none of this worries me, which is weird. I am the worlds best worrier. In any other situation, I would be stressed out of my mind, but I am completely stress-free about the fact that there is nothing done. I'm sure it will all work out... See the lack of stress? It's great. I am completely convinced thatI am going to end up having my baby in the car because I will be in denial that I am in labor. And, hey, if I do, I will have more to write about, right?

So this is life, and I am pretty pleased with it. I hope you enjoy reading.

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